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Special bundle for Hydrow users! The Watch Link USB is compatible with both the standard Hydrow and the Hydrow Wave. 


Purchase the Watch Link USB and get a free micro-USB to USB adapter* plus free US shipping (a $14.98 value)!


Use the code HYDROW_BUNDLE at checkout for free shipping! 

Connect your Apple Watch to your Hydrow with the help of a WATCH LINK device. The WATCH LINK syncs the heart rate data from your Apple Watch directly to your Hydrow so it will display on the touchscreen during your workouts.

  • ANT+ Support: Connect to your Hydrow via ANT+ for rock solid connectivity

  • Unlimited Users: A single WATCH LINK can support everyone in the family!

  • Easy Setup: Use you iPhone for a quick and easy setup.

  • Quick Connect: Once configured, simply start a workout on the WATCH LINK app and instantly see on screen heart rate.

  • WATCH LINK App:  The Watch Link app is a free download from the Apple app store.

  • Use any standard power brick to power USB

  • Apple Watch Compatibility: Requires Apple watch Series 2 or later

*The WATCH LINK USB can be connected directly to the Hydrow display with the adapter provided in this bundle. Alternatively, the Watch Link USB can to be connected to any USB power brick (sold separately).


Hydrow Wave users should use a USB power brick since it does not have the micro-USB slot. 


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