Which is better for you: WATCH LINK™️ or heartbeatz?

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Both share your heart rate data to ANT+ devices... so what's the difference?

What are they?

Both heartbeatz and WATCH LINK™️ allow you to stream your Apple Watch® heart rate directly to smart workout equipment consoles. Smart equipment brands include Peloton®, Schwinn®, Hydrow®, Garmin®, Wahoo®, Woodway®, and more.

How do they work?

Your Apple Watch® can only read/write using Bluetooth (think of this as a language). However, your smart equipment can only connect to simple Bluetooth devices such as headphones. If you want to connect a heart rate monitor, you'll need to find a chest strap monitor that is ANT+ compatible (again, a different language).

Both heartbeatz and WATCH LINK™️ act like translators. Their device translates the heart rate data from your Apple Watch® (Bluetooth language) to your smart equipment console (ANT+ language).

How do they compare?

WATCH LINK™️ and heartbeatz provide identical devices (and identical prices, too).

The heartbeatz app is super simple. After pairing the device to their Apple Watch app, you click the start button and it displays your BPM. Your BPM is also mirrored on the phone app in case you want to see it there too.

As for the WATCH LINK™️, its app has a super cool design. After pairing the pod to any Workout Companion app (and they have lots!) you’ll see a colorful display of your “effort” (aka percentage of max heart rate) on the screen. The way the colors chang on the screen as you move throughout various heart rate zones is very validating. This app also provides phone mirroring as well.

It really boils down to personal preference. Both are great devices and both come with apps. Either way, you can't go wrong - both are great products!

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