How do I connect my Apple Watch® to my Peloton® bike?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Let me guess... you've tried to run the Peloton® Watch app + do a Peloton® bike workout at the same time and have come to realize the two don't sync. You're not alone.

Why the Peloton® Watch app doesn't connect to the bike

All Apple Watches read and write data using Bluetooth (e.g. that's how your Activity Rings fill on both your Activity app on the phone + on your Watch). However, the Peloton® bike only reads heart rate monitors that speak something called ANT+. Think of it like speaking two different languages.

Hence why you're able to run both at the same time but there's no communication between the two + you can't connect your Apple Watch® as a heart rate monitor in Peloton® Settings.

You need a translator - a.k.a. the WATCH LINK™️ pod

A WATCH LINK™️ pod can read data in Bluetooth and write data in ANT+. That means you can connect your Apple Watch® to the pod and connect the pod to your Peloton® bike and voilà! The pod translates the Bluetooth heart rate data from your Watch and displays it on your Peloton® bike dashboard - all in real time!

Connect once then forget it

WATCH LINK™️ pods only need to be paired once. Then just set it on your bike and forget it! No worrying about changing the battery, losing it, or the hassle of getting it paired each time you want to use it. Yes... it's really that simple.

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