How do I connect my Apple Watch to my Peloton bike?

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Connecting your Apple Watch to a Peloton bike requires one small, external device called a pod. Because your Apple Watch cannot directly connect to Peloton bikes, a pod is needed to translate data accordingly.

In short, Apple Watches broadcasts data to your phone in the language "Bluetooth". However, since Apple Watches can't connect directly to Peloton bikes, a translator is needed (aka a pod). The pod translates your workout data on your Apple Watch from Bluetooth to ANT+, which is the language the Peloton bike uses to communicate with external heart rate monitors.

Here's a brief overview of how to connect your pod to your Apple Watch and Peloton bike:


Downloading a compatible Workout Companion® app to your Apple Watch®. The Cycling Workout Companion® is a good one to check out for Peloton® users.

*For a full list of compatible apps click here*


Scroll down to Settings on Cycling Workout Companion® app, and enable WATCH LINK™. Return to the home screen and tap the WATCH LINK™ tile.


Move your WATCH LINK™ pod next to your Apple Watch® screen while on the WATCH LINK™ page.

Step 4

Open settings on Peloton® bike > select Heart Rate Monitor > & select WATCH LINK™ to pair. You may the ANT+ number appear on the Peloton®.


Mount the WATCH LINK™ pod to your Peloton® and get ready to ride!


Start a workout in a Workout Companion® and start riding!

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